Queen’s engineer behind Engineering Insights podcast

Posted on June 22, 2016

Features interviews with many Queen’s engineers

Engineering Insights is a popular new podcast and website featuring interviews and chat among mostly young professional engineers from virtually every discipline and walk of life. It’s all the brainchild Queen’s engineer, Dima Temnikov (BEng ’11).

“I wanted to contribute value to the engineering community,” says Temnikov. “I realized I didn’t have much chance to speak with many working professional engineers when I was a student, and I thought sharing industry and career stories among working colleagues and students might be helpful.”

Engineering Insights

SITE AND PODCAST: Engineering Insights features interviews with engineering professionals from all fields.

With a love of podcasting, a contact network of young engineering professionals and a desire to share ideas, he launched Engineering Insights last year mostly as a hobby project. Twenty-four episodes in, the site has featured a score of young Queen’s engineers, including Kevin Hughes, Matthew Schuster, Zouheir El-Jabi, Geoff Purdy, Megan Lenz, Jared Wolff, Heather Murdock, Matthew Urquhart and many more.

“It’s amazing to reconnect with old classmates and hear about the stuff they’ve been working on,” says Temnikov. “They’re tremendously interesting people working on great projects.” 

Topics range widely from developing new technologies to accurately and comfortably track blood glucose levels to building sustainable energy systems and even better bicycle wheels. Most every episode includes some discussion of the guest’s career trajectory: How did they decide what they wanted to pursue? What was the job search like after graduation?

But the subject matter isn’t all serious. Banter is relaxed, frank and at times even silly. It’s good listening for working engineers, for anyone interested in a career in engineering, or for anyone simply interested in how things are made to work.

Dima Temnikov

DIGITAL INSIGHTS: Queen’s engineer Dima Temnikov started Engineering Insights as a way to connect colleagues and learn about other engineering fields.