Queen’s engineer set to market unique portable coffee brewer

Posted on July 08, 2016

Pascal Press: a new approach to fresh coffee

Queen’s engineer Alan Kalbfleisch has designed Pascal Press, an innovative on-the-go coffee press that combines the convenience of portability with the brewing quality of larger and heavier coffee makers.

Instead of buying coffee one expensive cup at a time or carrying hours-old brew in an insulated cup or flask, Pascal Press allows users to carry everything needed for a fresh brew wherever they go. Just add boiling water, brew and drink straight from brewing vessel. All this while keeping spent coffee grounds more fully separated from the coffee inside.

Pascal Press

FRESHLY PRESSED: Alan Kalbfleisch developed Pascal Press because he wanted a way to brew fresh coffee himself while on the go. 

“The longer the time the coffee grounds are in contact with the water, the more bitter the coffee,” says Kalbfleisch.

An internship during his third year at Queen’s exposed Kalbfleisch to the business world and allowed him begin building a network of contacts. It’s an experience that drew him toward a career that combines engineering and business.

He says the idea for Pascal Press came to him while he studied for his master’s at Western University. Though a lover a good coffee, he disliked French press-style coffeemakers and hated spending so much money at coffee shops. So, he built a prototype Pascal Press just for his own use but when friends and colleagues saw how it worked, they convinced him it would make a great commercial product. The device is aptly named after Blaise Pascal, an important early contributor to the science of fluid dynamics.

The project has recently reached a $40,000 Kickstarter goal so Kalbfleisch has financing in place to start. He plans to take the device to market in the first quarter of 2017.

Find more information and pre-order your own Pacal Press here.