VIDEO: Exchanges in Mining Engineering - James Cruikshanks

Posted on February 24, 2017

Learn about mining engineering student James Cruikshanks' experience on the Queen's Student Exchange Program. For morn information visit the Student Exchange Program.

  • Video transcript:

    My name is James Cruikshanks. I'm a fourth-year mining student here at Queen's. I'm in the mineral processing option and I took an exchange to Adelaide, South Australia in my third year.

    I think there's just a general idea around exchange in engineering that it's not a thing people do.

    If I could change one thing, it would be that.

    In interviews I've been in, a lot of the questions are 'How do you work with people, you know, coming from different backgrounds?' And to go and put yourself out there in a totally different country. That plays really well to your ability to work with other people.

    On a personal level, as well, it forces you to put yourself out there. It was actually probably my first time living in a bigger city. I know it's weird to say that with a million people, but I'm from a small town

    and Kingston's only 100,000 people. But, you know, it was like everyday student life there.

    You wake up. You go to class, maybe [laugh]. You come home. You'll meet tons of friends there who are all also on exchange. I think that's what really made the experiences: you'd go and you'd hang out with the same eight or 10 exchange students, take weekend trips. There's a two week break in the middle of the semester there, so. I think that's what the experience gave me, was those friendships.

    You sign up through the Engineering Exchange Program It's really easy. All you have to do is put together 300 words on why you'd be a great candidate to go. You can take a four-month internship here in Canada and it would work really well if someone were to take an exchange and then go on a four-month internship and then just finish off their final four months at Queen's.

    So, if you're okay customizing your schedule, I'd say it's a great experience. You don't have to worry too much about the effects on your academics.