Why Grad Studies - Meet PhD candidate Michael Shepertycky

Posted on February 10, 2017

Michael Shepertycky is part of a research team in mechanical engineering developing an energy harvester. It's a backpack that turns the kinetic energy of the movement of the wearer into usable electricity.

  • Video transcript:

    So, I'm researching human locomotion and specifically the energy theories behind human gait.

    What we're really doing is we're trying to produce electricity as you walk. So, my research group and I have developed an energy harvesting backpack that's able to produce upwards of 10 watts.

    And this is so that we can both power portable devices for campers, exploration, lights in third-world countries, a range of small prosthetic devices. So, the device is currently patent-pending. We sold the licence to an Ontario-based company.

    I came to Queen's for both the high academic experience as well as that feeling of community. I'm from a small town in northern Manitoba, so that community feel is very important to me. I would say the resources

    here at Queen's are really amazing; both faculty as well as facilities. We're really able to ask any questions we really want and really dive deep into answering those questions.