VIDEO: Fiona Serack: Masters Candidate in Chemical Engineering

Posted on March 20, 2017

Are you considering graduate studies? The latest in our series of profiles of graduate students in the Department of Chemical Engineering is of Master's student Fiona Serack. She's did her undergraduate degree here at Queen's and is now studying collaborative biomedical engineering. Maybe her story can help inform your decisions about graduate studies. Learn more about graduate studies and the Department of Chemical Engineering at Queen's.


    Hey, I'm Fiona Serack. I'm a Master's student at Queen's in the Chemical Engineering Program doing the collaborative biomedical engineering.

    I did engineering chemistry. I loved it. It was really challenging. It was a lot of work. And there were times when you felt like maybe you're not going to get through it, but coming out of it, anything else feels easy so, it was great and I really liked doing the fourth-year thesis project. It really cemented that I enjoyed research and that grad school was going to be the place for me. I've always wanted to do research. I'm hoping eventually to be a professor and really stay in academia, so doing grad school was kind of the obvious answer.

    I always wanted to do my PhD and I wanted to kind of go somewhere else and try something new as I did my undergrad at Queen's, but coming out of my undergrad I felt like I didn't have enough hands-on bio-experience. So, I decided to stay here in an environment where I was really comfortable, where I knew everyone. A supervisor that I really got along well with. And really get those hands-on skills and learn things before moving on a doing something else.

    I've just always felt like a person here. It's a community Everyone cares about each other. Having done my undergrad here I did have friends at Queen's but you know you kind of watch them all graduate after they do their fifth year, or whatever and disappear. So, it was something I was a little nervous about not having friends. Even seeing people coming in from other schools, it's just automatically this huge kind of family group of friends. There's always things to do, people to hang out with. Our head-of-department is really focused on students first, we're people. So that's been really great.

    There's tons of different facilities. The biomed has gotten really big, so there's a lot more supervisors now and collaborations. So, chemical engineering on its own has just become so wide and vast and there's tons of different things you can do within it, whatever you want.

    I'd say definitely do it. It's been a great place. Queen's is awesome. Chemical engineering at Queen's in particular, I've been really happy with. It's a super-supportive environment. You really feel like people are invested in you doing well, which has been fantastic. There's amazing supervisors. There's so many different options. Yeah.