VIDEO: Finding your career path: Its all about the people

Posted on April 19, 2017

Alumni of the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining submitted video capsules to be played at a mining career event earlier this year. Videos included some great advice for students preparing to launch their careers. There was a common thread among all of the contributors: It's all about the people. More information: The Robert M Buchan Department of Mining, Career Services at Queen's University.

  • Video Transcript:

    Don Lindsay, CEO, Teck Resources Ltd...

    It's the people around you who will help you succeed. You won't be promoted unless the people around you want you to be promoted. So, when you go into a company, the most important thing to do is to get to know the people. Ask about the challenges they face. Get to know what's important to them and they will get to know you, too.

    And then it becomes that much more exciting when, as a team, you accomplish things together and when you're going to work every day, you can't wait to get to work because there is going to be people there that you what to spend time with As you look back, you'll remember not this particular accomplishment or that accomplishment You'll remember the people that you worked with That's so important.

    Roy Slack, President, Cementation Canada, Inc.

    The soft skills are really the challenge And you ability to work with people again is going to guide you your whole career. The technical end, the part people traditionally associate with engineering: not a problem. Anyone who graduates from Queen's should be fully capable to do anything that's put in front of them regarding the technical. It's people that are the challenge.

    Julia Martin, Executive Director, Global Mining, CIBC.

    Try and develop a good network early on. A lot of opportunities come from the people you know the people who know you, the people you know, the people you talk to. So, join industry organizations. Get involved and participate to make your voice heard. Get to know the small world that is mining.

    Philip Hopkins, Mining Executive and Company Director, Queensland, Australia.

    It's takes three contacts when you're searching up a job or some key information, it takes three contacts to really get through. The first person puts you onto a second, the second to the third, and typically the third, or fourth will give you a hand, tangible assistance. Don't give up. Three plus contacts, be diligent and follow up.

    John Larsen, Area Manager, Cementation, USA.

    Mining is a business where it's people that drive success not machines. Being able to work with people, work within teams and provide leadership is a critical piece of success and I urge young engineers to look at that part of their repertoire, their interpersonal skills, as being a key component of having a good solid career.