APSC100 team wins Mason Cup for auto sieve shaker design

Posted on May 09, 2017

APSC 100 Team 539C

This is team 539C in APSC100: Ezequiel Angius, Omar Lozano, Michael Montagnese, Spencer Kelly, and Thomas Downs. They are winners of this year’s Mason Cup for their project, an automated sieve shaker for the Queen’s Space Engineering Team’s mars rover. It’s a device designed to separate Martian soil samples for analysis.

"This is fantastic news!" writes Angius. "I am thrilled our group will be the recipient of this award. All-in-all, it was an extremely fun experience."

"Coincidentally, my first paid job as a teenager was as a sieve shaker in a candy factory, replacing a broken 1/2 hp electric motor" writes award benefacto, Jim Mason. "I did so well I was promoted to the shipping department."

And here it is, the winning prototype. . .


Congratulations guys! Very nice work indeed.