VIDEO: The advantages of J-Section

Posted on June 21, 2017

J-Section is a program for first-year engineering students who want or need to improve their grades from first semester. It's a chance to re-cover course material and rewrite exams. It's a valuable resource for students designed especially to enable every chance of academic success. This video was envisioned and produced entirely by FEAS student content developers.

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  • Video transcript:

    Micheline Johnston, Program Coordinator (First Year): Hi I'm Micheline Johnston, one of the first-year program associates here in the faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

    J-Section is a unique program at Queen's. The first five weeks of winter you're repeating your fall term courses, and then the following week you start into your winter term. You finish in the middle of June and go into second year seamlessly, just like everybody else.

    Geoffrey Pond, Adjunct Assistant Professor: I've had a real fun time teaching J-Section I can appreciate that coming from a high school in grade 12 to an environment like this where you're being exposed to some fairly high level ideas. It's not going to be intuitive. It's not going to be immediate.

    Kira Cooper, Chemical Engineering: First semester was kind of scary being away from home and dealing with everything. All the stress that was being thrown at you all at once.

    Isabela Dominguez, Computer Engineering (ECEi): I didn't really know how to study at first. I would have the text book and the class notes and the prof's notes and it would be like "ok I'm going to do all of them"! But there isn't enough time to do all of them.

    Matthew Kooij, Computer Engineering: I wasn't one of the people who had failed a course, but I didn't feel confident and I felt like I could do better.

    Geoffrey Pond: I think they find themselves in J-Section - not for any lack of aptitude in the subject area, but more so they just don't feel confident in the subject area.

    Braden Besaw, Civil Engineering: J-Section is a big confidence booster from first semester. You're not really comfortable and there's a lot of things to get used to. J-Section kinda slows it down a little bit. You get a chance to get a grip and figure things out for yourself.

    Kira: Academically I've excelled more than I thought I could, which is awesome.

    Prof. Pond: I have no problems telling students that I've failed exams. And trust me I've failed an exam by a far greater margin than probably anyone in this room. And its just part of the learning experience.

    Isabela: In first semester I didn't ask any questions. And now I sometimes ask questions after class. Going into 'J' I realized what study strategies were good for me.

    Kira: The classes are smaller and you get to know your prof. All my profs know my first name.

    Prof. Pond: If there's no relationship, there is no comfort level to ask those questions.

    Kira: It's been really welcoming we've all made friends.

    Braden: It's very fun in class, lots of people laughing.

    Prof. Pond: When you deliver a lecture in that human nature. Students tend to recognize "Hey this guy at the front of the room is just like me. He's been doing this stuff for a while longer and thats it."

    Kira: Even if you don't use it, it's a great feeling knowing you have a back-up plan. Definitely takes a lot of stress off the first semester.

    Isabela: Some part of me thought that I couldn't be an engineer. For sure I feel more confident, and I know that I can do it.

    Matthew: Talking to a lot of people and upper years as well, a reoccurring theme is that they regret not going into 'J.' And I'm pretty glad that I did.

    Prof. Pond: I'd say if you're unsure, it probably is for you. That would be my advice. I mean why not?