HISTORY: A century between them

Posted on September 06, 2017

So here’s something really cool. . .

Carson in jacket

You might recognize Carson on the left and right there in these shots from earlier today just before Engineering Orientation got underway. The handsome devil in the middle is Ibri Lucas “Sillsy” Sills. Both of these guys are engineering Class of ’19; Carson of 2019, Sillsy of 1919. Through a generous donation from Sillsy’s family, Carson is wearing Sillsy’s GPA in this picture this morning. It’s likely the last time Sillsy’s jacket gets worn before it heads off to its safe new home at the Queen’s University Archives. It's amazing how these things come full circle, and a great reminder of the new chapter in the long history of Queen’s engineering represented by the hopefully soon-to-be class of 2021.