Professor Alireza Bakhshai earns Way Memorial Trust Research Award

Posted on December 11, 2017

Queen’s electrical engineering professor Alireza Bakhshai has earned this year’s Way Memorial Trust Research Award.

The prize is bestowed by the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Queen’s to professors or associate professors who demonstrate “extraordinary scholastic ability, a record of accomplishment, integrity of character, and a strong sense of dedication.” It comes with $20,000 over two years to be applied to practical research projects in renewable energy.

“I’m very happy to get this, especially at this time,” says Bakhshai. “It’s a really nice compliment and I’m grateful. There are some expenses that we can’t cover with other grants, so this award is very useful. We can use it to pay to bring in a visiting researcher, for example.”

Bakhshai specializes in energy storage systems and power converters. Chief among the questions he explores is how energy from renewable sources can be most conveniently, quickly, and efficiently stored and retrieved for use.

He earned the Way Award for his work on electric vehicle technology optimized specifically for use on Ontario roads.

[Professor Bakhshai]

IMPORTANT WORK: Queen’s electrical engineering professor Alireza Bakhshai is working on new ways to collect, store, and discharge electrical energy. It’s work that helps liberate people from their dependence on fossil fuels.