PROFILE: Undergraduate Researcher François Daudelin

Posted on January 22, 2018

By James Hubay, FEAS communications intern, with files from Matt Mills, FEAS communications staff.

Deciding on a whim to attend a graduate research conference last year proved to be both a valuable networking opportunity and a way into the world of research for Queen’s civil engineering undergraduate student, François Daudelin.

“At the event, I met Beaty Water Research Centre manager, Dr. Geof Hall, and had the chance to discuss his research on wastewater treatment, which I found extremely interesting,” says Daudelin. 

Upon completing a year-long internship, Daudelin returned to Queen’s intent on finding a research position. Following his interest in water research, he reached out to professors about open positions. Discovering that his passions aligned with civil engineering professor Pascale Champagne’s research, Daudelin applied for a position on her team and was accepted.

“I had Dr Champagne as a professor and loved her class, Chemistry for Civil Engineers,” says Daudelin. “If you have a professor you really like, just approaching them and letting them know that you are interested in what they are doing, can open up so many doors.”

Since joining Champagne’s team, Daudelin has worked on a project with Loyalist Township exploring the feasibility of a biofilm technology for use in aeration basins and wastewater treatment plants.

“I get to work with Dr Champagne and see what the Master’s students are working on,” says Daudelin. “It’s providing me with great insight into what the Master’s program is really like.”

Daudelin says he hopes to build a career helping underserved communities around the world build better access to clean drinking water.

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François Daudelin
A HEAD START: Queen’s chemical engineering student, François Daudelin, is earning valuable research experience that will give him a leg up once he completes his undergraduate degree.