Jeswiet earns 2018 SME Sargent award

Posted on July 11, 2018

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Sargent Award Professor Jack Jeswiet received the 2018 Society of Manufacturing Engineers Albert M Sargent award at the 2018 SME International Awards Gala in Boston. The citation read by LaRoux K. Gillespie, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers past President (2012) reads: “The following is in recognition of a notable manufacturing influencer, Dr. Jacob “Jack” Jeswiet, this year’s SME Albert M. Sargent Progress Award winner”.

“As a Professor of Engineering and Applied Science in the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department at Queen’s University at Kingston, Dr. Jeswiet has made a variety of key contributions to the manufacturing sector resulting in significant technical advancements in production operations, particularly his work in die-less forming and rolling. He has further extended his contributions in manufacturing by laying the foundation for lifecycle engineering. His efforts have led to the clarification of an important terminology in the field and the illustration of the core concepts in the context of lithium-ion-battery recycling and mining system evaluation. Dr. Jeswiet's works have been well cited in the field due to their innovation and practical relevance”. The SME Albert M Sargent award recognizes significant accomplishments in the field of manufacturing processes, methods or systems.

Sargent Award presentation
Photograph: Jeffrey M. Krause SME executive director; LaRoux K. Gillespie (FSME) Past President SME (2012); Jack Jeswiet (FSME), Professor Queen’s University at Kingston; Tom Kurfess (FSME) President SME 2018