Canadian Undergraduate Conference on AI coming to Kingston March 9

Posted on January 22, 2019

Queen's Machine Intelligence and Neuroevolution Design (QMIND) is excited to announce the Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Artificial Intelligence (CUCAI).

QMIND poster graphic

CUCAI will focus on cutting–edge advances in AI and will examine the opportunities and challenges in the ever-evolving field of disruptive technologies. This conference will feature talks from individuals recognized as disruptive leaders, a diverse panel session that will discuss and debate the future impacts of AI in industry, and workshops that provide an interactive, inclusive environment to foster learning and allow attendees to tackle real-world situations with machine learning.
The Canadian Undergraduate Conference on AI is the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent, network with Machine Learning Experts and gain insights about this emerging field.
Artificial intelligence is shaping industry and society at a rapid pace- learn how to keep up at CUCAI.
CUCAI will take place on March 9th, 2019 at Four Points Sheraton. See you there!

More about QMIND:

QMIND was established in January 2018 with the mission to create a thriving community built around the emerging field of artificial intelligence (AI). Growing to over 110 members in its inaugural year, QMIND has made learning about AI significantly more accessible and has demonstrated what can be accomplished at the undergraduate level.

QMIND has two primary programs: Design and Educate. In Design, 20 teams of 4-5 students are provided with the mentorship and know-how needed to tackle industry relevant problems with machine learning – often with client sponsors. QMIND offers a range of projects across diverse fields, such as anomaly detection for credit card fraud analysis, image recognition in health care, sports predictions and speech recognition, such that students are guaranteed to find a project with a scope, team and guidance tailored to their skillset and interests. The Design program requires no coding or math background, allowing for the inclusion of students of any skill level or backgrounds to develop industry-relevant technical skills in a huge variety of projects with adjustable mentorship and resources as needed. Students with more experience are given opportunities to take on more challenging projects with external clients, or to develop their leadership and management skills through running their own beginner team as a project manager.

In Educate, QMIND focuses on increasing the accessibility of artificial intelligence through resource collation and creation, through internal and external events, and through a one-day conference: the Canadian Undergraduate Conference on AI (CUGAI). Educate has created a 15-week, 475-page course from scratch, supplemented with created video content. This course was beta tested over the summer over a 15-week period with over 50 students and is now in discussions of accreditation and certification with the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Educate also hosts lower-commitment sessions such as Coffee and Code, aimed at creating an inclusive environment for any student at Queen’s to learn about disruptive technologies at any level of experience, for free (and with coffee and snacks!). QMIND’s resources have been sought after by numerous companies, demonstrating the quality and value of content achievable by its members, many of whom began with no experience. As it hosts CUCAI this spring, QMIND will set the national standard for undergraduate AI and establish Queen’s University as a pioneer in the space.

QMIND intends on placing Queen’s at the forefront of disruptive technologies in Canada. Through its large student base, externally run events, internal onboarding training, professional development workshops, and industry connections, QMIND ensures that Queen’s undergraduate students can obtain the skillset necessary to enter an artificial intelligence job in any organization. Whether it be implementing artificial intelligence algorithms to solve today’s problems or making knowledgeable business decisions with disruptive technologies in mind, through its internal and external events, QMIND has equipped over 200 Queen's students of varying backgrounds with a better understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and implications of AI.

QMIND will continue to strive for a positive learning environment, targeting students with any experience level or discipline for hiring, and providing numerous external resources and events to engage the Queen’s, Kingston, and Canadian community. Updates on events, 2019 hiring, and QMIND’s journey to make Queen’s a reputable hub for innovation and disruptive technologies in Canada are available through Facebook, LinkedIn and email.