Ferrovial Agroman Assists Queen's Bridge Design

Posted on February 22, 2019

By Randy Chan

The Queen’s Bridge Building Team (QBBT) is a competitive design team in Kingston at Queen’s University. The team spends the year designing and building model bridges using only three materials; popsicle sticks, white glue, and floss. The team submits up to six bridges to compete in the annual Troitsky Bridge Building Competition in Montreal.

Queen's Bridge Building Team on bus

2019 marks our 8th year taking part in the competition. The team is student run, with third and fourth year engineering students forming the executive. QBBT is a team of about 50 members, composed of six sub-teams, with each sub-team producing a bridge. Members get a hands-on experience with both the design and the construction of the model bridges, giving students a glimpse into the various aspects of
a construction project.

QBBT has been sponsored solely by Ferrovial Agroman Canada for the past 5 years. Last year a bridge from Queen’s placed ninth overall at competition, and with Ferrovial’s help, we will continue to raising our ranking.


On Thursday November 15th, Rebeca Gomez Gonzalez (Structural Design Manager) and Martin Landry (VP Business Development) travelled to Kingston for a team meeting with QBBT members. Martin highlighted the values of Ferrovial Agroman and their involvement the North American heavy civil industry. Rebeca took the time to review and discuss the bridge designs in-depth with each sub-team. Rebeca had many insightful suggestions. Her attention to detail was something that only years of experience could bring. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to work with her and learn from an industry engineer.

After reviewing all designs, Rebeca further analyzed all six bridges using a computer program at her office and was not available at Queen’s University. She went above and beyond and followed up by sending the results to the team, along with even more suggestions to further improve all designs.


The team is excited to start implementing all of Rebeca’s suggestions to our bridges. As we enter the second semester of classes, the team is starting the building process. Thanks to Ferrovial, the team was able to purchase new materials which we are excited to use. All bridge designs have been finalized and modeled, and the painstaking process of creating molds, and shaping popsicle sticks has begun.

Thanks to Rebeca’s modeling, each sub-team now knows the areas of high stress on each bridge and will be able to plan accordingly to avoid failure. All members are eager to implement their designs, and see how everything comes together. The team continues to improve yearly, and this year is shaping to be our best yet thanks to Ferrovial Agroman Canada support.

QBBT would like to thank Ferrovial Agroman Canada for their ongoing support!

This piece originally appeared in the Spring 2019 Ferrovial Agroman Canada Employee Newsletter. The QBBT entry in the Troitsky Bridge Building Competition suupported 836kg and earned the Most Innovative Bridge award.