Input sought for permanent Dec 6 memorial in Beamish Munro Hall (the Integrated Learning Centre)

Posted on August 19, 2019
Memorial Design Constraints 2019



The December 6th Memorial Service recognizes those lost during the École Polytechnique Massacre that occurred on December 6th, 1989 in Montreal. Dean Deluzio and the Engineering Society’s Memorial Design Committee is sending out the call for designs for a permanent design piece to be displayed in Beamish Munro Hall (the Integrated Learning Centre).

It has long been felt that a more permanent monument to the victims of this tragedy should be in place at Queen’s, to act as reminder of the loss caused by fear, and to act as the center point for the yearly service. While there have been several ideas discussed on what this permanent monument should be, the Dean and Committee believe that members of the Queen’s community are the best people to design a proper tribute to these lost students. This is open to all of Queen’s, and we encourage joint faculty teams to work together to provide a unique and diverse proposal.

The successful designer/design team will be acknowledged at the 30th anniversary memorial service this coming December 6th, along with acknowledgement on the permanent plaque that will accompany the memorial.


The chosen design is to go somewhere in the ILC, where is up to you and you should specify this in your proposal. Below are some suggested places along with their dimensions. These locations are merely suggestions, if there is another location that you believe would be suitable for your design, please let the committee know and we will determine if that location is a possibility.

Suggested Location One: The glass panels on the second floor, visible from the atrium.

Pic 1

A 2D design could be placed on the panels outside the hallway, the lab or both. The panels are 107 cm tall. There are eight panels outside the hallway; the one on the far right is 130 cm wide, the one on the far left is 120 cm wide, the other six are 150 cm wide. There are six panels outside the lab; the two on the ends are both 120 cm wide and the other four are 150 cm wide. There is a gap 1.25-1.5 cm wide between each panel.

Suggested Location Two: Outside the second-floor lab.

Pic 2

The fire extinguisher can be moved and a 2D design can be placed here with dimensions up to 390 cm wide by 280 cm tall.

Suggested Location Three: Across from the second-floor lab.

Pic 3
Another location that would be suitable for a 2D design up to 825 cm by 280 cm.

Suggested Location Four: The curved concrete wall on the first and/or second floor.

Pic 4

In this location you can design something 3D if you’d like. The biggest restriction on the depth is that, on the first floor, there must still be at least a 4 ft walkway. The design can be up to 570 cm along the curve of the wall. If you would like the design to be on only the first floor (as in the first photo), it can be up to 345 cm tall. If you would like the design to be only the second floor (as in the second photo), there is 260 cm of space between the top of the barrier and ceiling. If you want you design to span across both floors, the space is about 775 cm tall.

If you have any additional questions about location or would like additional dimensions, please send an email to the committee:


Submissions will be due by 11:59 PM on September 29, 2019 to