Upcoming Website Changes

Posted on August 26, 2019

Please note that on Wednesday, August 28, we will be launching a newly unified FEAS website. We will be retiring the site that currently exists at engineering.queensu.ca and it will be replaced with this website (currently found at my.engineering.queensu.ca).

comparison of two website screenshots

Once the changeover occurs, the main URL for the FEAS website will once again become engineering.queensu.ca, and URLs with the "my" prefix will be redirected for the next few months to help in resolving any links that are not updated directly after the change.

What to expect:

Beginning on Monday, August 26, you may notice some changes in the navigation of this website as content is moved over. There will also be the addition of a secondary menu to replicate one currently found at the top of the interface on engineering.queensu.ca, and we will eventually be incorporating the Search/Sign In menu found on the main Queen's website and those of other faculties.

The process of switching the domains should only take an hour or two on Wednesday morning, and there should be minimal impact for on-campus users. For those off campus, there may be some issues when navigating between the websites for up to 24-48 hours as external networks are updated.

This action will not impact any of our departmental websites and those belonging to FEAS research groups and facilities, which will continue to use their current domain names.

Once the switch is completed, please be sure to check any bookmarks or links to our website and update them if necessary. We are also working with our campus partners and stakeholders to ensure minimal disruption and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition.