Photos and Winners: Queen's Engineering Competition

Posted on October 06, 2019

The Queen's Engineering Compeition was held in the ILC, October 25. Winners earn the chance to compete in the Ontario Engineering Competiton those who earn honours there proceed to the Canadian Engineering Competiton.


Sr. Design: Zane Maklin, Alex Thayer, Christian Coutts, Max Kaiser.

Jr. Design Challenge: Csaba Nemeth, Aaron Goltkin, Liam Mahoney, Benjamin Beggs!

Consulting Challenge winners: Amelia Maclatchy, Janessa Curtis, Sydney Garrah, Mark Manderson.

Debate Challenge winners: Felix LeClair and Melissa Young.

Innovation Challenge winners: Matthew Jennings and Armando Cassanova.

Programming Challenge winners; Kyle Singer, Andrew Fryer, Andrew Farley, and Joseph Grosso.