Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science 125th Anniversary Research Symposium held

Posted on November 01, 2019

Researchers, industry partners, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Queen’s University (FEAS) gathered in Mitchell Hall, October 24, for the inaugural FEAS Research Symposium celebrating its 125th Anniversary. The event was envisioned to showcase and celebrate some of the outstanding research work being undertaken in the FEAS and to allow Queen’s engineering researchers a high-altitude view of the work of their local colleagues for the purposes of further fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

The event was attended by Queen’s Principal Dr. Patrick Deane who addressed attendees.

There were opening remarks by Queen’s Vice-Principal (Research) Dr. Kimberly Woodhouse, and FEAS Dean Dr. Kevin Deluzio. The symposium was organized and hosted by FEAS Associate Dean (Research) Dr. Amir Fam.

The event also marked the unveiling of the Relentless curiosity for a better world: Research excellence at Queen’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science 2019 research catalogue.

There were almost 50 presentations throughout the day covering five broad research themes: Intelligent Systems; Biomedical Engineering; Energy Systems; Natural and Built Environment; and Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, and Processing. There was also a presentation on FEAS indigenous related research by FEAS Vice Dean (Graduate Studies and Recruitment) Dr. Mark Green.

There was a display poster competition of student research projects in categories corresponding to each of the five aforementioned research themes. The conference concluded with a reception and dinner at a Kingston hotel that included a keynote address by Director, Strategy, Innovation and Partnerships for the City of Kingston, Craig Desjardins. Recipients of the Dean’s Graduate Research Awards were honoured, and awards were presented to the winners of the poster competition held earlier.

Dean’s Graduate Research Award recipients 2018/2019:

Angelica Campigotto, Mechanical Engineering
Quang Binh Ho, Chemical Engineering
Richard Moulton, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Derek Russell, Chemical Engineering
Alexander Rey, Civil Engineering
Kody Kazda, Chemical Engineering

Dean’s Graduate Research Award recipients 2019/2020:

Jennifer Aiello, Chemical Engineering
Thomas Sears, Electrical Engineering
Erin Lee, Mechanical Engineering
Rick Helgason, Mechanical Engineering
Md. Yusuf, Civil Engineering
Sumaiya Karim, Chemical Engineering
Deepinder Jot Singh Aulakh, Mechanical Engineering
Olga Torres Rocha, Chemical Engineering

Poster Competition winners:

Intelligent Systems
First Place:
Jeremy Kulchyk
System Security of Decentralized Autonomous Ground Vehicles in Reconnaissance Missions Using Opacity
Amoon Jamzad
Computer Assisted Cancer Cell Detection with Raman Spectroscopy: A fully multidisciplinary workflow

Biomedical Engineering
First Place:
Amanda Brissenden
Biohybrid triblock polymers for cell delivery
Sean O Mathew
Scaffold generation via Melt Electro-Writing (MEW) for meniscus tissue engineering

Energy Systems
First Place:
Ali Khazaeli
A novel flexible hybrid battery-supercapacitor based on a slef-assembled vanadium-graphene hydrogel
Omid Salari
Hybrid energy storage systems using batteries and Ultra capacitors for electric vehicle applications

Natural and Built Environment
First Place:
Anil Baral
Hydro-Mechanical Performance of Compacted Bentonite in Contact with Multicomponent Hypersaline Pore Fluid
Lauren Turner
Mechanochemical destruction of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances via ball milling

Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, and Processing
First Place:
Nicholas Wilson
SERS drug screening: detecting fentanyl & its analogues in drugs of abuse
Connor Sanders
Block-Random Copolymers: Stabilizers in Emulsion Polymerization.