Women of Sc '82 reunite in Canmore

Posted on November 19, 2019

Sc 82 Women

What do you expect when you gather a group of FEM Engs from Sc ‘82 for their first-ever female-only reunion? You get detailed itineraries, impeccable organizing, and of course lots of laughs.

Inspired by the faithful turnout at Queen’s Homecoming every five years, the women of Sc ‘82 thought it would be a great idea to meet-up outside of Queen’s, somewhere other than Kingston. The idea was born during the 35th reunion in 2017. The location was easy. As long as it was in Canmore, Dorelle Roberts (Sc 82, MSc 84) agreed to organize. Contact info was collected, lost contacts were found, and invites were sent. Eighteen women responded and arrived at the amazing accommodations Dorelle secured in Canmore for our weekend in September.

The party started with the traditional pizza welcome meal. It continued throughout the weekend with a fun game of golf in a fabulous venue, an epic bike ride, hikes, and very memorable meals at Canmore’s amazing restaurants (and art galleries).

As we pored over the official Science ‘82 Yearbook and the Tricolour ’82, we counted about 60 women out of our class of 400. That’s an impressive 15 percent. The Sc ’82 female cohort was in fact greater than that of Nursing ’82! From 1978 to 1982, we were accompanied at Clark Hall, on the Engineering Society, or while playing intramural sports by the outstanding women of Sc ’79 through Sc ’81. They were our FRECs, TAs, and mentors. We continued the tradition when it was our turn, with the women of Sc ’83 through Sc ’85.

This year in Canmore, we shared photos among each other from then and now, got caught up after over 40 years, and reflected on our trailblazing careers. It inspired us to try to connect with more of our classmates, so plans are underway for the next gathering. Even more exciting are our plans to host a social event with the current Fem Engs during our next reunion, our 40th, in 2022. 

- The Women of Science ‘82