Dean Deluzio issues statement directing against use of gentian violet

Posted on December 12, 2019

The Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science supports the alternate jacket dyeing product identified and methods developed by Campus Equipment Outfitters and the Engineering Society. The move away from gentian violet use for jacket dyeing is critical due to both its known toxicity and bioaccumulation potential in aquatic environments and the recently released Health Canada warning regarding the potential carcinogenic nature of gentian violet. Release of a gentian violet solution to either sanitary or storm sewer results in a direct release to Lake Ontario (gentian violet is not removed by municipal wastewater treatment plants).

The alternative product being sold by Campus Equipment Outfitters, the method developed, and the messaging regarding appropriate use, addresses our concerns over students endangering their health and the obligations of the University in preventing a Ministry of the Environment reportable release of gentian violet on University property.

Students who disregard University and Residence policies through inappropriate behaviour or damaging University property will continue to be subject to the student non-academic misconduct process. Damage to Residence buildings that is not attributable to an individual will be shared by the engineering students in the building through fees applied to their student accounts.

Dr. Kevin Deluzio
Dean and Professor