How to Change the World program applications open

Posted on January 06, 2020

Queen’s Engineering is pleased to be supporting the How to Change the World | Canada 2020 program taking place in Toronto on 19-21 February, 2020. The program is an intense and enriching educational experience where you will meet and collaborate with a highly diverse network of people and organizations to tackle our world’s most important challenges.The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science will reimburse, with appropriate receipts, up to a total of $500 per individual attending the event, for transportation, accommodation and dinner meals.

How to Change the World

Queen’s Engineering will send 10 students to attend the program. Students who are interested in attending this program should apply by end-of-day January 19 by sending an email to Ann Messenger at with the subject "Application for How to Change the World Event". Please provide in the email a single document (Word or PDF format) that contains:

* A short (1-2 paragraph) description that describes why you are interested and how this training would benefit your goals

* An up-to-date resume

Students participating in the program should be aware of the time commitment involved, which includes both attending the full program itself, and doing a small amount of preparatory work (a few hours total, spread over the six weeks prior to the program). More information can be found at this page.

Details: Preparation

  • In mid-January, participants will receive initial preparatory materials to review (roughly one hour) and a survey to complete (<20 minutes).
  • In early-February, each student participant will be assigned to both a program Challenge and team based on their interests and expertise (part of the survey). There will be specific Challenge materials provided at this time that students will be asked to review before the program begins (roughly two hours).

Details: During the Program

  • All participants are requested to attend the full program, which starts at 17:00 on Wednesday, February 19 through until 20;00 on Friday, February 21.
  • Partial participation is not possible, as this is detrimental not only to an individual’s learning experience, but also to the experience of other participants.