Free prep program sets future Queen’s Engineers on the path to success

Posted on July 10, 2020

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How do you empower a generation of students to be ready for the challenges of engineering school? You deliver leading-edge preparation material: online and entirely free.

Queen’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science has launched QEng Prep: a free, entirely online and self-guided program that gives students the ability to self-evaluate and then train up their math, chemistry and physics knowledge – the three pillars of an engineering education.

“This program is designed to ensure they have the core skills and confidence to succeed,” says Dean Kevin Deluzio. “It’s free and open to any Queen’s student.”

The QEng Prep program was built on the Faculty’s existing first-in-class online teaching resources. Faculty members also worked with high school teachers to determine key learning concepts and priorities, building on existing university courses with tailored material to bridge students from high school to one of Canada’s leading engineering programs. After anonymously completing a formative quiz to identify their needs, students can take any or all of the math, chemistry and physics modules at their own pace. The modules include a mix of learning methods, including video and instruction from upper-year undergraduates.

Jonah Opler, Head Manager for the Queen’s Engineering Society’s EngLinks tutoring program, has been testing the program and says it’s an amazing confidence-builder for students. “It’s a great refresher, even if you feel that you are ready,” he says. “It’s also an excellent way to learn what to expect in the fall.” EngLinks tutors, themselves undergraduate engineering students, will also be available in the summer to offer review workshops, with a virtual help desk beginning in September.

The program is a perfect fit with the Faculty’s 10-point success model, which features a wide range of support services for students. It includes embedded counsellors, study and wellness workshops, help desks and early interventions for students who have academic challenges.

“The Queen’s Engineering community is a tight-knit group,” says Dean Deluzio. “We care about each other, and we want every student to succeed. This program is just one way for us to welcome our next class to the Queen’s Engineering way. That’s how we build leaders for a brighter future.”

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Student Willem Day welcomes students to the Math module of QEng Prep, a free online bridging program for students beginning at Queen’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science in the Fall 2020 term.