New faculty bring breadth, inspiration to Queen’s Engineering

Posted on August 19, 2020

From a position of strength in engineering academia, Queen’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science is starting the 2020-21 school year even stronger: with a wide range of faculty contributing new ideas, approaches and energy to its research output. Stemming from many different departments, a wide range of new faculty members will be contributing interesting and relevant research to the University.

Many new faculty members are excited to share their research and introduce a new generation of engineers to their areas of focus. Ehssan H. Koupaie, from the Chemical Engineering department and whose key research interests include Energy and Resource Recovery from Organic Waste, Anaerobic Digestion, and Biological Wastewater Treatment, is looking forward to working with FEAS students. “Students who join my research group will have the opportunity of getting involved in hands-on experiments, working with advanced analytical equipment, and practicing data analysis,” he says. “This training will enable them to have rewarding careers both in industry and academia in the growing area of environmental bioengineering.”

One trend amongst the research interests of new faculty members is the application robotics/automation. Matthew Robertson, of the department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, is at the forefront of this with his research on novel actuators and robot design. Matthew sees great social benefit from his research in the future. “As the number of people in need of at-home or supervised assistance starts outnumbering the workforce of people available to provide it, we might gain a lot from using robots to help out in performing simple tasks and chores in our homes, in hospitals, or long term care facilities”, he says. Asli Sari from the Mining department is focused on machine learning and mine automation, “Machine learning in mining is an area that started to get more attention in the last few years,” he says. Asli is happy to talk to any students that might be interested in this field of research. One of the faculty members joining the Civil Engineering department this fall is Josh Woods. His key research interest involves studying how our built environment, including buildings and bridges, behave during extreme events. “One really interesting direction I would like to take my research is towards the use of robotics in construction,” says Josh, “I am a member of Ingenuity Labs at Queen’s University, which is a really cool research institute that combines experts in all sorts of different fields, including robotics and artificial intelligence.”

New faculty members will be working in virtual classrooms this fall, such as Charlotte Gibson and Asli Sari from the Robert M. Buchan Mining department in MINE 201 (Introduction to Mining and Mineral Processing) and APSC 151 (Earth Systems Engineering), and MNTC 313 (Introduction to Programming), respectively. Ehssan H. Koupaie will be joining the Chemical Engineering department this fall, teaching CHEE 471 (Chemical Process Design).

New faculty for 2020-2021

New faculty for 2020-2021 include, clockwise from top left: Josh Woods, Asli Sari, Ehssan H. Koupaie, Charlotte Gibson.