Engineering alumnus, entrepreneur and philanthropist Bruce Mitchell (Sc’68) receives honorary degree at Fall 2020 convocation

Posted on November 19, 2020

Midway through the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science convocation ceremony of November 13, Queen’s Principal Patrick Deane spoke of this year’s recipient of the honorary doctorate degree in science, Bruce Mitchell (Sc’68). He began:

Accomplished corporate leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, chairman and CEO of Permian Industries, proud graduate of Queen’s and Harvard universities, a visionary investor who has brought a remarkable reputation for harnessing the dynamic of power, of talent and technology, and through whose leadership Permian has grown into an enterprise with major shareholding assets currently employing more than 5000 people across North America...

Dr. Bruce Mitchell (Sci'68)

“In the name of this university and by authority of royal charter,” said Queen’s Chancellor James Leech after, “I admit Bruce Mitchell to this degree with all of its rights, privileges, and responsibilities. Congratulations.”

And Dr. Mitchell, the civil engineering alumnus, entrepreneur, and philanthropist for whom award-winning Mitchell Hall is named, spoke to the engineering Class of 2020:

During my time at Queen’s I was transformed by this science and the wonderful professors who taught me. I became a builder and I’ve been one ever since. But instead of physical structures, my career has focused on building businesses, always on a strong foundation, able to withstand market volatility, built for the long term but growth-oriented, opportunistic and entrepreneurial. I have been blessed that overall these businesses have succeeded, and this has offered me the opportunity to provide many jobs and successful career paths for my employees and to give back to our society as I try to do something of significance to help mankind. It all started here at Queen’s, and for that the professors who taught me I am forever indebted.