Inaugural Competency-Based Assessment Symposium to push the boundaries of education innovation

Posted on April 13, 2023

Queen's University's Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science is preparing for its inaugural Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) Symposium on May 11-12. The Faculty’s education community will welcome keynote speaker Sean Maw of the University of Saskatchewan to launch a series of educational and networking activities focusing on an innovative approach to teaching and evaluations.

Brian Frank, Dupont Chair in Engineering Education, and professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, highlighted the significance of the event: "We're thrilled to host the upcoming CBA Symposium and bring together engineering students, educators, and professionals to discuss competency-based assessment. With keynote speaker Sean Maw, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from a top expert in the field and explore the latest advancements in competency-based assessment."

The conference will feature a guided course adaptation session, presentations on CBA principles and examples, and group discussions on implementing a competency-based approach to assessment in engineering education. Attendees can learn about the latest research and network with other professionals in the field, and identify how some of the present strains on assessment systems might be alleviated by a CBA approach.

"We're excited to provide an event where attendees can consider how to implement CBA at their own institution, building from these effective practices in competency-based assessment," says Frank. "This event will provide a valuable opportunity for the community to consider what engineering education could look like if we were to reimagine assessment."

Sean Maw, the keynote speaker at the event, is an associate professor of mechanical engineering and Jerry G. Huff Chair in Innovative Teaching at the University of Saskatchewan. His research focuses include a broad range of engineering education interests ranging from academic integrity to VR to competency-based learning.

"I'm excited to have Professor Maw speak at the CBA Symposium and share his insights into the current state and future potential of competency-based assessments," says Frank.

Attendees can learn more and register on the Symposium’s web page


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