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Dean's video message to students

On March 21, Dean Deluzio recorded this message for students regarding the faculty's response to COVID-19.

FAQs for undergraduate students

Here are some answers to a number of questions that have been asked recently. We will be updating our FAQs to answer your questions and concerns over the coming days.


March 25:
Please see this message to FEAS undergraduate students with specific information about final grades.

Exams and Final Assessments

  • Why are we continuing to have final exams when other universities have cancelled theirs?
  • How will exams for math-heavy courses translate into online assessments?
  • Will our final exams be in some sort of standardized format, and will this be up to the professor?
  • How can I expect that exams will be administered fairly for all students who will be taking them at home?
  • When can I write an exam if I need to defer or if I receive an FR grade?


Course Weighting

Pass Option

Graduation / Iron Ring

Exchange (Outgoing)

Academic Probation

Dean Scholars

Late Drop Option

English Proficiency Test (APSC 199)

  • I have not passed the EPT, how will this impact my academics next year?
  • I am currently on probation for the EPT, will I be required to withdraw in May?

Summer Courses


  • Will there be a protocol for classwork and assessment for students who become sick or have family members who become sick with COVID-19?
  • I am concerned about how challenging it will be to complete the semester online while working at home in isolation or a crowded environment. How can I get help?
  • Who do I contact if I need support while working on my classes for this term?


  • Will we get a tuition refund for classes that have no online video lectures, and just readings?


  • Now that I'm not on campus, can I access the software that was installed on the computers in Beamish-Munro Hall and other locations?
  • Running the software on my older Windows or Mac OS computer using Apps.Eng is quite slow. Is there anything else I can do?
  • How do I get IT help with running software?
  • I don't have internet access, or my service is slow or unreliable. What steps can I take to access software and campus services?

Last update: April 3 2020 @ 4:55pm