Upper Years: Choosing a Discipline

Many of our incoming students don’t know what branch of engineering they are most interested in; still others change their mind by the middle of first year. At the end of January, each department holds a discipline orientation evening to inform first-year students about programs and careers. Students make their discipline choices after the orientation sessions in early February. Provided students pass their first-year courses (in the regular sections or Extended Program) and request their discipline during the designated selection window, they have an unrestricted choice of discipline.

Below is a table of the program and option choices within Queen’s Engineering and Applied Science. But first some important terminology:

Discipline (program or plan)
The fundamental type of engineering a student may choose (e.g., chemical, electrical, engineering physics).
The sub-discipline or sub-plan within the program. The program/option combination is accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB).
Area of Study
A suggested grouping of courses leading to a particular specialty.
Engineering discipline (program) choices within Queen’s Engineering and Applied Science
Discipline (Program Plan)Options (Sub-plan)Areas of Study
Chemical Engineering Chemical Processing
Biochemical, Biomedical, Bioenvironmental
Engineering Chemistry   General
Engineering Physics Electrical
Mechanical and Materials Engineering General
Materials Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Biomechanical Engineering
Manufacturing and Design
Mechatronic Systems
Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
Civil Engineering    
Geological Engineering   Mineral and Energy Exploration
Applied Geophysics
Mathematics & Engineering Applied Mechanics
Computing and Communications
Systems and Robotics
Electrical Engineering   Communications and Signal Processing
Communications Systems and Networks
Electronics and Photonics
Power Electronics and Systems
Robotics and Control
Mining Engineering Mining
Minerals Processing Environmental
Computer Engineering   Computer Hardware
Computer Systems
Software Engineering