Policy on Reviews and Appeals

Review of instructor's decisions on term work:

A student may request a review of any grade assigned in a course subject to the marking scheme set out by the instructor, or a re-read of final examination marks, in alignment with Regulation 13. Work for review may include, but is not limited to:

  • Assignment/paper
  • Midterm Exam
  • Final Examination

It is the responsibility of the student to preserve all original graded material (assignments, papers, etc) to present for the review.

Step 1. Informal Review 

As a first step, the student should request an informal review with the instructor concerned, and the instructors are strongly encouraged to consent.

Time Limit:

  1. The request for review of term work must be made within 10 working days of the grade being posted or the material being handed back to the student.
  2. The instructor will provide a reconsidered grade within 10 working days of receiving all material pertaining to this request.

Step 2. Formal Review 

A student may apply to to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science for a Formal Review of term work in a course. The reconsideration of the work in question will be undertaken by two reviewers, normally the instructor and the Head (or appropriate delegate chosen by the Head) of the Department responsible for the course. If there is a question regarding the impartiality of the instructor, then the Head may choose to appoint another person in his/her place. The Formal Review will involve a rereading of the work in question and a review of the student's class record.

In situations where the course is not associated with a department (e.g. upper year APSC courses, MDEP courses) the role of Department Head will be assumed by the Manager, Academic Operations.

Time limit:

  1. The request for a review of term work must be submitted by the student within 10 working days of receiving the mark (original or reconsidered as per 1) above) from the instructor.
  2. The decision arising from the Formal Review will be conveyed to the student within 10 working days of the reviewing committee receiving all material relevant to this request.

Appeal Form for the Formal Review of Course Marks

Students are advised that the appeal and formal review process is the final step in the review process at the faculty office level. Should a student wish to continue to discuss the results of their review or their academic plan they are encouraged to consult with a program advisor.

Appeals of Decisions made by the Academic Progress Committee Chair or the Associate Dean (Academic)

Appeals of decisions made by the Academic Progress Committee Chair (e.g. late adding/dropping of courses, substitutions, etc.) or the Associate Dean, Academic (Requirements to Withdraw, waivers, re-admission decisions) may be made to the Operations Committee. Appeals of this nature are only granted where the appropriate processes and procedures have not been followed, or if the student believes that there are extenuating circumstances which were insufficiently considered. Admissions decisions (with the exception of cases of re-admission) are not appealable.

Academic Appeal Request Form

Last Updated: April 10, 2023