Both Master's and Doctoral students are required to fulfill the course requirements of their Home Department (Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical and Materials). Students enrolled in the Collaborative Program must take CBME 801, which counts as a graduate course requirement within their Home Department. In addition, CBME students are required to attend the Collaborative Program Seminar Series (CBME 802), which is taken in place of their Home Department seminar series.

The course Topics in Biomedical Engineering (CBME 801) is mandatory. The remaining courses can be selected from the following list of suggested courses. Please consult your supervisor before choosing courses.

2016-17 Courses Instructor Status Term
CBME 801 Topics in Biomedical Engineering C. Davies Offered Fall
CBME 802 Biomedical Engineering Seminar Series L. Fitzpatrick Offered Fall/Winter
CHEE 872 Polymeric Biomaterials B. Amsden Offered Winter
CHEE 874 Tissue Engineering L. Fitzpatrick Offered Fall
CHEE 887 Cellular Bioengineering TBD Not offered
CHEE 909 Colloid & Surface Science (I) A. Docoslis Offered* Fall
CHEE 910 Colloid & Surface Science (II) A. Docoslis Offered* Fall
CHEE 912 Applied Lab-on-Chip Technologies C. Escobedo Offered* Winter
CHEE 990 Structure-Property Relationships of Polymeric Materials M. Kontopoulou Offered* Spring
ELEC 811 Biological Signal Analysis E. Morin Offered Fall
ELEC 824 Machine Vision M. Greenspan Not offered
ELEC 823 Signal Processing G. Chan Not offered
ELEC 841 Nonlinear Systems: Analysis and Identification M.J. Korenberg Offered Fall
ELEC 843 Control of Discrete-Event Systems K. Rudie Offered Fall
ELEC 861 Probability,Random Variables and Stochastic Processes S. Gazor Offered Winter
MECH 823 Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Y. Lai Offered Fall
MECH 829 Tissue Mechanics T. Bryant Offered Fall
MECH 830 Experimental Fluid Dynamics D. Rival Offered Fall
MECH 844 Selected Topics in Materials Engineering Various Offered Fall
MECH 816 Energetics & Mechanics of Locomotion Q. Li Offered Winter
MECH 827 Biomechanics of Human Joints and Spine G. Dumas Offered Winter
MECH 828 Biomechanics of Human Gait K. Deluzio Offered Winter
MECH 843 Selected Topics in Biomechanical Engineering Various Offered Winter
MECH 857 Robotics L. Notash Offered Winter
MECH 924 Finite Element Analysis of Non-Linear Solids I-Y. Kim Offered Winter
BMED 831 Cell Structure and Basic Tissues F. Kan Offered Fall
BMED 847 Research Projects in Anatomy and Cell Biology L. MacKenzie Offered Winter
BMED 810 Protein Structure and Function Z. Jia Offered Fall
BMED 809 Principles of Drug Discovery and Development L. Winn Offered Winter
BMED 853 Cellular and Molecular Cardiovascular Sciences D. Maurice Offered Winter
BMED 866 Bioinformatics Q. Duan Offered
BMED 877 Immunology S. Basta, K. Gee Offered Fall

* Course offered as a six-week module only.

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