Mechanical and Materials Engineering

The Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering provides diverse opportunities for graduate studies in fundamental and applied research in all areas of mechanical engineering. The graduate program offers MEng, MASc, and PhD degrees and has been recognized for the quality of its academic and research programs. It also focuses on multidisciplinary, collaborative research with faculty in other departments, other faculties and other universities.

Research Areas

  • Biomechanical
  • Energy and Fluid Systems
  • Manufacturing and Dynamic Systems
  • Materials Engineering

Program Structure

Master of Engineering (MEng)

  • One Year Program (three terms)
  • Course-based degree
  • No professor supervision
  • Coursework and internship oriented

The MEng program is a coursework-based professional program that provides the advanced knowledge and skills needed to support a career as a technical specialist in industry. It is directed to both practicing engineers and new graduates who want a deeper technical foundation. The requirements are eight term length courses, at least four of which must be in the department in which the student is registered.

The typical duration of the MEng program is 1 year (3 terms). Students often take 3 courses in fall term, 4 courses during winter term, and 1 course during the summer term.

Additional Information


Program contact:
Jane Davies, Graduate Assistant
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Queen’s University

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