Professional Programs

A unique and innovative part-time modular format, post-graduate degree program specifically created to meet the needs of the engineers working in industry.

Master of Engineering (MEng)

ADMI MEng in Design and Manufacturing
A partnership of the engineering and business schools of leading Ontario Universities, the ADMI MEng program is designed to provide engineers with enhanced skills in engineering design, manufacturing processes, and business management.

Applied Sustainability
The objective of this interdisciplinary program is to expose students to the implementation of sustainable engineering solutions within the context of broader sustainability theory.

Chemical Engineering
Activities in the department are concentrated in three areas: biochemical engineering, polymer and reaction engineering, and process systems engineering.

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering students possess an advanced understanding of the natural environment and infrastructure in such areas as rock mechanics, design of foundations, water quality, sediment transportation, pipeline flow, construction and rehabilitation of structures, and many other areas.

Electrical and Computer Engineering
The MEng program in Electrical and Computer Engineering is a coursework-based professional program that suits students who are interested in acquiring advanced engineering knowledge and skills to enhance employment opportunities as a technical specialist in industry.

Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Mechanical and Materials Engineering programs focus on multidisciplinary collaboration with faculty in other departments, other faculties, and other universities. Advanced technical courses are concentrated in four fields: biomechanical, energy and fluid systems, design and manufacturing and materials engineering

Mining Engineering
The Mining Engineering program is designed to produce engineers and specialists qualified to assess, design and operate both underground and open pit mines, to design and operate complex processing plants and to evaluate and maintain the mechanical equipment required by these mining or processing facilities.

UNENE Professional Degree in Nuclear Engineering
UNENE is an industry-university partnership which supplies highly-qualified graduates, supports nuclear research and creates respected university-based experts. Research and education are the two tools used in this mission.

Graduate Diplomas

Social Performance Management in the Extractive Industries
Social Performance Management in the Extractive Industries (SPMEI) is a graduate diploma program that supports collaboration between communities and extractive industries.

Water and Human Health
The Graduate Diploma in Water and Human Health, hosted by the Beaty Water Research Centre, is designed to give recent graduates and professionals an enhanced understanding of the role of water in driving health outcomes and ultimately the sustainability of populations and communities.