Undergraduate Programs

diagram of two options: direct-entry programs or common first year to discipline selection

Common First Year/Guaranteed Discipline Selection

Queen’s is unique in offering guaranteed discipline choice following successful common first-year studies. Select from one of 10 programs, and work with world-leading faculty in a specialized area of engineering:

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers design, control, and optimize energy-efficient, sustainable and economically viable processes to generate products such as energy, materials, food, pharmaceuticals and biomedical devices.

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Civil Engineering

Focusing on the natural and built environment, civil engineers ensure the safety, sustainability and resilience of the environment and the infrastructure that surrounds us.

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Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is at the intersection of digital hardware and computer science to create advanced computer systems and leading-edge software.

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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is a broad discipline that spans from the physical world to the purely information-based world.

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Engineering Chemistry

A modern, dual-accredited Chemistry/Engineering program focused on the design of innovative and sustainable pharmaceuticals, (bio)chemical diagnostics and electrochemical energy systems.

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Engineering Physics

Engineering physics combines the practical skills of engineering with the deep knowledge of a scientist, applying analytical and lateral thinking to modern engineering challenges.

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Geological Engineering

Geological engineers combine core engineering fundamentals with a broad slate of geological knowledge, ranging from geology to geotechnical engineering.

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Mathematics and Engineering

The only Engineering program in North America offered by a Mathematics Department, Mathematics and Engineering blends engineering with advanced mathematics and provides a rigorous treatment of engineering concepts and ideas.

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Mechanical and Materials Engineering

From research to design to manufacturing, mechanical and materials engineers combine the study of engineering with practical courses in mechanical design, materials, and manufacturing methods.

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Mining Engineering

This program prepares you for careers in the minerals industry and related environmental and technological fields.

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Specialty Mining Programs

Bachelor of Mining Engineering Technology (BTech)

An online program for engineering technologists who want to take their careers to the next level. It combines technical expertise with the managerial and problem-solving skills the industry need.

Certificate in Mining Technologies

Designed for upper-year students and graduates of university programs in science and engineering, Queen’s online Certificate in Mining Technologies prepares students for careers in the global mining industry.

Direct Entry Programs

ECE Innovation Stream

Exclusively for undergraduate students who want to get a head-start on their discipline from their first day at Queen’s Engineering – and want to acquire vital business and communication skills that will fuel a career as an entrepreneur or industry leader.

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Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering

Canada’s only mechatronics and robotics undergraduate program! This unique combination of computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering uses hands-on technology experience and progressive design projects to train students to think objectively and acquire the skills to succeed in a versatile engineering career.

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