Engineering Chemistry

As the only program of its kind in North America, Engineering Chemistry provides in-depth knowledge of chemistry in addition to engineering core knowledge. Engineering Chemistry graduates are experts in the chemistry behind industrial processes and combine a strong background in both chemistry and chemical engineering to treat problems of industrial interest. In this program, you will study applied organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, reactivity principles, methods of determining structure, and you will acquire knowledge of materials at a molecular level. You will be able to apply this core chemical knowledge to design and improve processes and materials, ranging from fuel cells to pharmaceuticals.

Accreditation by the Canadian Society for Chemistry as a chemistry program, and the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board as an engineering program, allows graduates to pursue professional careers in both disciplines – a truly unique benefit of an Engineering Chemistry degree.

Areas of Specialization

  • Chemical Diagnostics
  • Alternative Energy
  • Process Synthesis


  • Advanced material design and manufacturing
  • Alternative energy technology
  • Biomedical and pharmaceutical engineering
  • Chemical/process engineering
  • Environmental consulting
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