Undergraduate Programs

Unique to Queen's Engineering, we offer a Common First Year and Open Discipline Choice - provided you pass all your first year courses, you are guaranteed a place in your engineering program of choice. If you have more than one area of interest, be sure to consider a dual degree.

At Queen's University, you will be taught by professors who not only know the industry, but help to shape it. Beyond academic pursuits, you can also join clubs filled with dedicated students just like you who want to play a role in shaping the future.

The programs are demanding, but the payoff is a wide and varied choice of career options. You can learn more about the programs we offer below.

Engineering Programs

Our engineering programs maintain their dominance with leading edge specializations, such as environmental, biochemical/biomedical, robotics, high-tech communications, and mechatronic.

Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineers are in demand in almost every imaginable sector of the economy. Many start their careers as process engineers, working in the design and operation of manufacturing plants, and then progress to key management positions in their firms.

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering is a challenging and dynamic profession serving society to improve the quality of our life, the health of our social system, the continuity of our economy and business activities, and our competitive position in the international market place.

Computer Engineering
Did you know recent surveys have shown that Electrical and Computer Engineers are amongst the highest demand university graduates and that Computer Engineers are listed amongst the professions with the highest quality of life?

Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering is at the heart of 'green' power systems and electric vehicles, medical diagnosis techniques, microfabrication, wired and wireless technologies for high-speed communications, and intelligent robotic systems.

ECE Innovation Stream
You know that Electrical and Computer Engineering is your passion. You are innovative and your sights are set on a career or future study. You have a clear vision of where you want your education to lead you. Consider Queen’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Innovation Stream.

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineers are needed wherever you find machines and devices, and at every stage - conception, design and analysis, implementation and testing, operation and maintenance, recycling and sustainability, management, consulting, marketing and research.

Mining Engineering
Virtually every part of your daily life exists as it is because of materials drawn from the earth through mining. Mining engineers make gathering and refining those raw materials possible. An engineering degree from The Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining at Queen’s, with its excellent recognition internationally, equips graduates to become highly employable in the mining industry not only in Canada but worldwide.

Engineering Science Programs

Students with both a scientist’s passion for discovery and an engineer’s drive to design and create find a perfect fit in the engineering science and mathematics specializations. The programs are demanding, but the payoff is a wide and varied choice of career options.

Engineering Chemistry
Engineering Chemistry is a unique program in North America that provides in-depth knowledge of chemistry in addition to the Chemical Engineering core knowledge.

Engineering Physics
With a focus on fundamental physics principles and a strong mathematical component, this program is designed to produce engineers with excellent problem solving and analytical skills, coupled with broad knowledge of engineering science and technology.

Geological Engineering
Geological engineers combine systems engineering skills with earth science principles to find and extract energy and mineral resources, to design foundations for dams and buildings, to design tunnels, caverns and mine openings, to stabilize slopes and protect against natural hazards, to manage our underground water resources and to protect our environment from contamination.

Mathematics and Engineering
The only program in Canada to combine engineering with rigorous mathematical studies, students in "AppleMath" learn how to apply sophisticated mathematical models and analysis to problems in communications, control, electrical, mechanical and mechatronic systems.

Other Programs

Bachelor of Mining Engineering Technology (BTech)
The BTech is a diploma-to-degree program for engineering technologists who want to take their careers to the next level. It combines technical expertise with the managerial and problem­-solving skills the industry needs from the next generation of mining professionals, in a flexible online learning format.

Certificate in Mining Technologies
Designed for upper-year students and graduates of university programs in science and engineering, Queen’s Certificate in Mining Technologies is an innovative online program to prepare you for a future career in the global mining industry. Combine your degree studies with a certificate specialization in Mining or Mineral Processing and gain a high quality, technically-rigorous education from Canada’s foremost mining engineering school.