Mining Engineering

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Aside from plants, all of the raw materials used by human society come from minerals extracted from the earth. This program prepares you for careers in the minerals industry and related environmental and technological fields. Traditionally, mining has been one of the broadest engineering fields. A mining engineer is required to be familiar with all of aspects of work involved in the operation of a mining project – from the initial discovery stage to the marketing of a final product. For this reason, mining students receive some basic training in each of the major engineering fields.

As a Mining Engineering student, you will study a broad range of disciplines involved in locating, extracting, refining, and disposing of mineral and metal products and by-products. The program teaches students how these processes can be carried out efficiently and competitively, with a focus on sustainability and the environment.


  • Mining Engineering
  • Mine-Mechanical Engineering
  • Mineral Processing and Environmental


  • Consulting
  • Environmental
  • Management
  • Mine engineer
  • Mining financial analyst
  • Mining software developer
  • Renewable resources
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