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Research Areas


Chemical Engineering labBiomedical engineering involves the application of engineering principles to understand, modify or control biological systems with the objective of generating solutions to health-related problems. This area is diverse and multi-disciplinary, bringing in concepts from chemistry, mechanics, biochemistry, cell biology and physiology.


Research efforts in this field at Queen's include the development of polymer biomaterials for use as implantable drug delivery devices and scaffolds for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, biosensor development, and microencapsulation technologies for drug delivery. This work involves collaboration with researchers in many other Departments such as: the Divisions of Orthopedic and Cardiovascular Surgery, the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, and the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. In addition, many projects involve both cardiovascular and orthopaedic surgeons. Much of the research is done within the Human Mobility Research Centre.


Students enrolled in a graduate program in Chemical Engineering may apply for an interdisciplinary program in biomedical engineering. Upon graduation, students will have "with specialization in Biomedical Engineering" added to their academic record. Click on Collaborative Biomedical Engineering for more details.