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Research Areas

Civil Engineering


With the recent expansion of the Environmental Engineering program, research activities are now focused on both surface and subsurface water quality issues. Extensive use is made of numerical simulation techniques as well as controlled laboratory and field experimentation.

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Geotechnical Engineering involves the application of soil and rock mechanics as well as engineering geology to solve engineering problems.

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Research in hydrotechnical engineering is carried out at the Coastal Engineering Laboratory, which occupies 2000 sq.m. on the West Campus of the university, the Hydraulics Laboratories (600 sq.m.) in Ellis Hall on the main campus, and the Cataraqui Stormwater Pond

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The Structures Group focuses on research in the areas of (i) novel and sustainable materials for new construction, (ii) retrofitting of existing structures, (iii) the performance of structures in extreme temperatures, (iv) structural health monitoring, and (v) sustainable engineering in remote regions.

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