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Research Areas


Environmental engineering is the study of physical, chemical and biological processes in soil, water and air; the impact of human activities on those environments; and the design of engineered systems for the protection, management and remediation of environmental impacts.


In the areas of surface water quality and biotechnological processes, current topics of investigation include the design and operation of low technology wastewater treatment systems for on-site and unserviced applications, and the use of integrated environmental management techniques for the control of surface water degradation resulting from urban storm runoff. In the area of subsurface water quality, research within the Groundwater Group is being directed at the development of numerical models to simulate multiphase/multicomponent flow and transport in both porous and fractured media, as well as the performance of laboratory experiments to evaluate remedial technologies for the clean-up of chemical spill sites contaminated by hazardous industrial liquids such as PCB oils, jet fuel, and chlorinated solvents.