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Research Areas

Solar Radio Observatory

We aim to create a research platform capable of waveform capture and analysis in the communications bands. Our current task is the design an assembly of a solar radio telescope for this purpose. The system is modular and can be reconfigured for various communications applications. It comprises a sophisticated control platform, a newly designed 8 channel superheterodyne receiver and a data capture platform capable of capturing over 400MB/s. The platform has been a learning project for a group of undergraduate and graduate applied math students for over 2 years.


Our original grant, from CFI and OIT, is coming to an end in 2006. We are seeking research partners and sponsorship from parties interested in the development of communications systems robust to interference from the sun.


Sponsoring our project means sponsoring capable grad students in applied mathematics, specializing in the fields of time series analysis, spectrum estimation and the application of those fields to geophysics and communications. You would also be sponsoring the development of bright students in the mathematics and engineering program here at Queen's University. Of course you would also be investing in the results of any of the research projects ongoing at the Queen's SRT.


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