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Research Areas

Materials Engineering


The Materials Group in MME includes experts in processing, structural/chemical characterization, mechanical testing, and modelling of metals and ceramics. There are particular research strengths in materials for the NuclearAutomotive materials, Aerospace, and Energy Conversion industries.


We have a comprehensive suite of characterisation equipment including:

  • Accelerator laboratory: 4MV tandem producing 8MeV H or 12MeV He; for damage or implantation studies.
  • Electron Microscopy Laboratory: FEI Osiris FEG-TEM (STEM, EDS, EELS, in situ heating & straining), FEI FEG-Nova NanoSem (EBSD, EDX, in situ heating and straining).
  • Mechanical Testing Laboratory (quasi-static; fatigue; fracture; delayed hydride cracking; digital image correlation measurements; nano- and micro-indentation from ambient to elevated temperatures).
  • X-ray Laboratory (Xradia micro-CT; texture; diffraction; in situ deformation and heating; thin film).
  • A wide range of sample preparation techniques (including 50kV focused ion beam, ion milling, electropolishing, etc.) is also available.

Research by Faculty

J. Doug Boyd

  • Steel Physical Metallurgy
  • Metal Matrix Composites

Brad Diak

  • Microstructural Phenomena in Metals and Alloys
  • Materials for Transportation Applications
  • X-ray/Electron Scattering Techniques

Mark Daymond

  • Micromechanisms of Deformation in Metals, Ceramics and Composites
  • Advanced Neutron and X-ray Scattering Techniques
  • Engineering Mechanics, Components and Processes


Vlad Krstic

  • Ceramics Processing and Properties
  • Ceramic Matrix Composites
  • Thin Films

A. Keith Pilkey

  • Material Failure Mechanisms
  • Metallographic Image Analysis
  • Metal Forming

Richard A. Holt

  • Nuclear materials/zirconium alloys
  • Crystallographic texture/anisotropy
  • Modeling materials behaviour


Zhongwen Yao

  • Characterization of Microstructures
  • Radiation induced defects in nuclear materials

Shig Saimoto

  • Metal Physics Fundamentals
  • Processing and Constitutive Modelling of Aluminum Alloys Performance

Materials Engineering Laboratories

Collaborating Departments (other materials research areas at Queen’s)