Charles Allan Thompson Summer Research Award: List of Recipients

Past recipients of the Charles Allan Thompson Summer Research Award are:

2019 Recipients

NameField of Study
Djalal Fakim Chemical Engineering
Kathryn Jalink Chemical Engineering
Allison Cranwill Chemical Engineering
Aleska Mitrovic Civil Engineering
Zien Yang Electrical Engineering
Wesley Dossett Mechanical Engineering
Bradley Hoffman Mechanical Engineering
Brian Kunath Mechanical Engineering

2018 Recipients

NameField of Study
Ezequiel Angius Electrical Engineering
James Colwell Chemical Engineering
Allison Cranwill Chemical Engineering
Taylor Haas Civil Engineering
Luming Huang Civil Engineering
Jordan Pernari Chemical Engineering
Jourdain Piette Engineering Chemistry
Haotian Sun Civil Engineering

2017 Recipients

NameField of Study
Willam Anthony Mining Engineering
Christopher Lam Mechanical Engineering
Alexandra Marriott Civil Engineering
Nicole Woodcock Engineering Chemistry

2016 Recipients

NameField of Study
Timothy Balcarras Engineering Physics
Kerri Bascom Civil Engineering
Jacob Morrison Engineering Physics
Wuchun Wang Chemical Engineering

2015 Recipients

NameField of Study
Lukas Dekker Mining Engineering
Himanshi Juneja Civil Engineering

2014 Recipients

NameField of Study
Myles Ashall Mechanical Engineering
Amanda Brissenden Chemical Engineering
Alisha Giglio Engineering Chemistry