Engineering Education

Faculty and educators at Queen's University engage in engineering education research to advance the knowledge base of engineering education and to enhance the teaching and learning environment for students. The following opportunities are available for students to participate in engineering education research:

Exploring Self Workshop

A workshop program to support undergraduate engineering students in self-reflection about their learning experiences.


One of the many purposes of higher education is to develop students as critical thinkers and lifelong learners. Additionally, there is a need for students to develop a personal sense of self, which influences their self-directedness in learning and contributes to their personal development. To support these endeavours, the NSERC Chair in Design Engineering at Queen’s University is offering a two-part series of facilitated workshops to engage undergraduate engineering students in self-discovery and to challenge students to think critically about their own education and learning experiences.

Why are we offering this program?

This program is an opportunity for students to engage in professional and personal development through guided self-exploration beyond their traditional academic studies. The program is part of an engineering education research study that aims to address the need for students to engage in self-reflection as a way to make meaning from their experiences and to enrich their academic experiences. The purpose of the research is to explore how students see themselves in relation to their engineering education and future career. Participants’ responses and reflections will be collected during the workshop sessions and will be used for research purposes to contribute to the continuous improvement of teaching and learning in engineering.

Who is this for?

All undergraduate engineering students at Queen’s University, in any year and from any discipline, are invited to participate.

What will participants be doing in the program?

The program consists of a series of two facilitated workshops designed as a professional development opportunity to develop participants’ ability for self-directed learning. During the workshops, participants will complete a series of self-reflective and discussion exercises to explore who they are and what they hope to achieve in engineering and beyond. Outside of the workshops, participants will have the opportunity to write a personal statement that describes how they see themselves in their engineering education and how they envision their future career. Participants will be challenged to think critically about their own education through this guided self-reflective process.

What is the benefit for participants?

This program is an opportunity for participants to engage in self-reflection about their engineering studies, develop their professional engineering skills, and explore how they can be better prepared to create their future. Participants’ individual reflections and personal statement may be beneficial for professional development and job or graduate school applications. Participants will have the chance to interact with their peers and receive feedback on their personal statement.

Who should I contact for more information?

For more information, please contact Professor David Strong,