Engineering thrives on collaboration. At Queen's Engineering, we prepare our students to become well-rounded engineers. With an unparalleled student experience and a 91% degree completion rate, our supportive environment helps students succeed. 

Community in the Classroom

In our general engineering stream, you are guaranteed your discipline of choice as long as you pass your first-year courses and apply by the deadline. This means your first-year peers will be your collaborators – not your competition.

In first year, you’ll have a home group of around 50 students with the same schedule as you. You’ll become familiar with your group, while still meeting other engineering students in the larger classes.

Our Engineering Practice course will help develop your practical engineering skills, with small groups of five students on each project.


Get Involved with Design Teams and Clubs

From concrete canoes to rockets to biomedical innovations our design teams bring students together to work on ambitious and creative extracurricular projects.

Our Engineering Society is at the heart of our vibrant student life. They lead orientation week, engineering events, and even run a sustainable café.

Engineering for Everyone

Queen’s Engineering is working toward a more diverse and inclusive community – to make our learning and working environment better, and to advance the practice of engineering. Learn more about our Engineering for Everyone values.