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John Ford: Structural Engineering Consultant

John Ford

As a boy, John Ford, Sc’00, MASc’04, loved to watch things being built. Earth-movers, cranes, power tools, and hammers so fascinated him that his mother suggested he become an engineer or a carpenter. Now he does both: he’s an engineer by day and a carpenter in his spare time. When not at work, John focuses on remodeling his Toronto home, with his wife’s help.


“I get the same satisfaction from designing structures and seeing them get built as I do out of building things myself,” says John.


So enjoyable was his undergraduate experience at Queen’s that John decided to pursue a Master’s in Civil Engineering, where he collaborated with excellent professors and teaching assistants. His studies further fuelled his passion for building and construction and sparked a particular interest in sports venues.


Today, John is a Structural Engineering Consultant with Halsall Associates, a Toronto-based firm that designs efficient, sustainable buildings that have a minimal environmental footprint.


He’s had a varied career with the company. He started out designing individual structural elements such as beams, columns, and foundations, then became a Project Manager leading design teams. In 2008, he moved to Calgary to start Halsall’s structural engineering group. After successfully getting it up and running he returned to Toronto, where he works out of Halsall’s office there. He currently lives in the city with his wife Kaitlin Ford (nee Palmer), Sc’00, MASc’02, and their children.