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Paul Webster: Founder and Owner of an Industrial Laser Process Company

Paul WebsterSolving problems and spatial reasoning fascinate Paul Webster, Sc’06, PhD’13, so it’s not surprising that he chose to study Engineering Physics—a decision that led to a fulfilling career.

Paul is founder and owner of Laser Depth Dynamics, a Kingstonbased startup whose specialty is the LD-600, a device that allows for precise depth measurement of industrial laser processes. In other words, when a laser beam is used to cut or drill a material, the LD-600 allows the operator to know exactly how deep the cut is, as the cut is being made.


Being at the leading edge of technological design is both challenging and inspiring for someone who sees endless potential in his career and in life.


“The future has practically unlimited possibilities that we can’t conceive of today,” says Paul. “The key to managing this and optimizing outcomes is preparation, both to take advantage of opportunities and mitigate problems as they arrive.”


Paul credits his Queen’s education—a “transformative experience”, he says—with equipping him with the right tools and management skills to advance in his career.


“My time at Queen’s helped me answer many questions about how the world works, technically and otherwise. I made a lot of lifelong friends, and was given opportunities that I couldn’t have imagined when I was in high school,” says Paul.


Paul has developed a good relationship with Queen’s in developing his product, citing a liberal intellectual property policy and substantial commercialization support as two attractive elements offered to aspiring entrepreneurs.


A Kingston resident, Paul plans to expand Laser Depth Dynamics by adding new products across diverse manufacturing sectors. He expects to fill other business roles with Laser Depth Dynamics in the future, but hopes he’ll always be “at least partially in touch” with technical problem-solving and design.