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Your Journey


10 Point Success Model

The Faculty of Engineering at Queen's University has always had a very strong record for supporting our students. In the last few years we have quantified this into our 10 point student success model. This model brings together the key elements that students need to be successful over their years at Queen's.


The Engineering Society pairs First Year students with Upper Year students for mentorship, academic help and social events.

Common First Year with Open Program Choice

When you do choose your program, you don't have to worry about caps or quotas. Provided you pass all of your First Year courses, you are guaranteed a place in your engineering program of choice.

The Iron Ring

The Iron Ring is a ring that all engineering graduates in Canada can receive at a ceremony called the Ritual of the Calling of the Engineer. It is worn on the little finger of the engineer's working hand.


Queen's University has a common first-year in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Candidates applying to transfer from other accredited institutions are considered for upper-year admission if they have completed more than half of the courses taken in the Queen's first-year program.

Earn Two Degrees

The Dual Degree Plan is working on two degrees at the same time. The Engineering degree is the primary degree plan (Bachelor of Applied Science - BASc), and the Arts and Science degree (General degree) is the secondary degree plan.


Students in second or third year will have an opportunity to learn about current advances, practices and technologies in business and industry by enrolling in a five-year "Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree program with Professional Internship. These 12 and 16 month internships can offer better value than traditional, shorter-term co-op placements.


The Douglas tutorials offer free one-on-one tutoring from Upper Year students or you can opt for private, fee-based tutoring through the Engineering Society's EngLinks program.

Bursaries and Scholarships

There's no doubt that a Queen's engineering degree is a great investment with lifelong rewards, but we understand that for many students and their families, the initial cost of a university education is a serious consideration.

Extended Courses

J-Section is a special extended program for students struggling with First Year courses. Take things at a slower pace and recover in time for Second Year.