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10 Point Success Model

The Faculty of Engineering at Queen's University has always had a very strong record for supporting our students. In the last few years we have quantified this into our 10 point student success model. This model brings together the key elements that students need to be successful over their years at Queen's.

1. Recruiting Advisors 

Helps prospectives students learn about Queen's Engineering before making that important decision. 

2. First Year Advisor 

The first point of contact for incoming students or all of their concerns and questions.

3. Section 900 & J Section

A safety net that allows students to retake failed fall semester course early inter term. This allows them to get back on track before entering second year. 

4. Douglas Tutorials 

Extra Hours help sessions for the first year students led by upper year students

5. Free Choice of Discipline

Relieves the stress of competing with peers for a spot in their first choice program.

6. Wellness Skills Workshops

Sessions that will facilitate wellness and stress management for students.

7. Study Skills Workshops 

Enchance the skills of students to help them achieve their academic potential.

8. EngBounceBack

A program where upper year students facilitators individually help students develop learning strategies to ensure their academic potential.

9. Personal Counsellor

Meets with students to discuss the stresses they may be facing and suggest coping mechanisms to ensure they are kept on track. 

10. 36 Advisors 

Off academic support to students in all 10 programs.


With these 10 points, the Queen's Community is unlike any other. Not only do we focus on giving students a strong academic and professional background, but this model provides students with the support system they need to succeed.