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Your Journey

How To Go Abroad

Who Can go?

Normally, people choose their third year to go on exchange. Herstmonceux can be fit in almost anywhere, since it will necessarily involve an extra term (or a summer).

Please note that an Engineering Cumulative Grade Point Average (ECGPA) of at least 2.70 is required.


How To Decide

First, talk to such people as your Departmental Advisor, students who have studied abroad, the Faculty Exchange Coordinator in the Student Services Office, parents, the Associate Dean, or any relevant individual. Read whatever is available in the Faculty Office and in the Stauffer Library Reference Room (e.g. the Commonwealth Universities Yearbook, LB2310, and the International Handbook of Universities, L900). Students, however, often find that the most up-to-date information will be found on the web. If you decide to apply, deal with the people appropriate to your application as described. Watch the deadlines! Please keep in mind that although exchange can be a wonderful experience, you will be expected do most of the preparation work yourself.


Tuition and Fees

Please note that beginning for the 2016-2017 Exchange Program will have a $125.00 fee, payable upon successful acceptance into the program. Each exchange student pays tuition and fees at their home university. Thus your fees will be the same as they would be here. Our partner universities offer assistance in finding rooms but the cost of the rooms is your expense. European living costs vary from city to city, and are usually higher than those in Kingston. Travel and insurance of all kinds, plus all other incidentals are also your responsibility.



Under an exchange, it is usually easy to obtain a student visa (embassy, high commission or consulate). Please keep in mind that obtaining a passport and a visa are your responsibilities. 



For students interested in participating in the 2016-2017 exchange program, applications will be available in November 2015. 


Exchange bursary applications are normally available in early December. Click here for further information & application forms


Please note that beginning for the 2016-2017 Exchange Program will have a $125.00 fee, payable upon successful acceptance into the program.


Contact the Faculty Exchange Coordinator, to confirm availability of exchange opportunities. Students can also take advantage of study opportunities at the Queen's International Study Centre, located in Herstmonceux Castle in the south of England.