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Fees and Living Expenses


Engineering is a professional program and fees tend to be higher than those of other programs, e.g. the Arts. Engineering fees at Queen’s are broadly consistent with those of other Engineering programs in Canada. For 2016-2017 fees are typically between $12,000 and $13,000.


Living Expenses

On Campus Housing


One Term Two Terms
Residence Fees (excluding meal plan) $3,286 $6,572
ResNet (Internet Fees) $80 $160
Student Council Fees (rates vary according to residence) $50 $100
Food $1,200 (Approx.) $2,400 (Approx.)
UHIP Medical Insurance (mandatory) Single Student Rate $228 $228
Supplementary Medical Insurance (optional) $196 $196
Textbooks & Supplies $400-500 (Approx.) $600-1,000 (Approx.)
Telephone (includes the initial connection fee but does not include long distance charges) $100-220 $200-440
Clothing/Laundry $250 (Approx.) $500 (Approx.)

Miscellaneous (not including additional travelling)

At least $600 At least $900