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International Students

All Engineering and Applied Science courses are open to exchange students provided that they have all the appropriate prerequisite courses. Please note that availability in some courses may be limited in the event that there is limited spacing and/or the course is core for degree-seeking students.

Exchange Coordinator Incoming/Outgoing: Anne-Marie Bergman
Living and Housing

Many exchange students choose to stay in residence during their exchange at Queen's University. Undergraduate exchange students interested in staying in residence will be assigned in a hall based on availability (often it is Jean Royce). 

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Learning Expectations

Exchange students are recommended to take a minimum of 15 credits (CR) per term; 30 CR for the full year. As an example, 60 ECTS credits is usually considered a full course load in most European institutions and is equivalent to 30.0 Queen’s units.

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Services & Facilities

The Integrated Learning Centre (ILC) is located in Beamish-Munro Hall and is a part of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. It comprises staff, spaces and equipment that contribute significantly to the quality of undergraduate education in that Faculty, and is among the leading facilities for engineering education worldwide.

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Visas and Study Permits

Citizens of certain countries and territories will require a visa to visit Canada. For a full list of countries whose citizens require visas to enter Canada as visitors.

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